Sunday, March 31, 2013


"My Struggle" - it's always about me me me, isn't it, Hitler? You know, other people have struggles too.

Thursday, February 07, 2013


Cop-killing killer-cop's manifesto is surprisingly rational for a crazy person. The man expects to die, and gives his opinion on everything he has an opinion about. Choice quote:

Cyclist, I have no problem sharing the road with you. But, at least go the fucking speed limit posted or get off the road!!! That is a feasible request. Livestrong you fraudulent assholes.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wither My Booky Wook?

English comedian Russell Brand wrote a memoir called My Booky Wook. Later he wrote the sequel, Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal. Every bone in me but one yells (loudly rattles?), "Books are serious business, a sacred art! If you have the privilege of writing one, and of getting it published and promoted the world over, don't give it a ridiculous title like My Booky Wook! And, for God's sake, if you get the opportunity to write another book, don't reuse that ridiculous title!"

The bone in me that's not angry is my funny bone. My funny bone chuckles (lightly rattles?) at the joke Brand's having on people like me. By which I mean serious and sensitive souls who think, or at one point thought, they had a Deep and Important book in them to write, one that would change the world, but who were ultimately motivated by childish vanity, an infantile cry for attention reducible to the sentiment, "But I have something to say too! Wither my booky wook? Wah, wah!"

We playground also-rans will likely never write our "booky wook," and if we do, it'll likely never get published; certainly not by a major publisher with major marketing dollars, willing to promote it like the masterpiece we're sure it is. But Russell Brand, English comedian, for whom authorship is a lark--his booky wook was written, published, and vaulted to the top of the bestseller list. That he published a Booky Wook 2 is the cherry on the pie being planted in our collective bespectacled, bearded baby-face. Touché, Mr. Brand. Touché.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Liveblogging The End Of The World

The previous post is a reflection on The House of Intellect by Jacques Barzun, written in the 1950s. We are far beyond the point where the House of Intellect can be repaired. It is razed to the ground and the earth is salted. Men of an intellectual predilection must now simply struggle for survival in an economy that rewards blandness, a sexual marketplace that valourizes hypermasculinity, a social network that would tar and feather he who would speak truth to all but the officially designated Powers.

I've decided to revive Head Wide Open because I feel it can fulfill a humanitarian function for you (first aid kits for spiritual Guernica), and a psychological role for me (keeping me sane). It also provides me company when I drink.

I used to think the notion of a place where my "head could be wide open" would be rendered superfluous by an Edenic-style relationship, but now I accept that anonymous reader is my Eve. And by that I mean my lover and the cause of my fall.

Overcoming Intellect

The Intellect is the enemy of life. Paralysis instead of vitality. Reflection instead of action. So what's an intellectual who's seen through his intellect, who seeks a life to do?

You can't change your nature, but you can work with it, to make yourself natural - that is, natural as all but the intellectuals are - instinctive, intuitive, aggressive. A winner.

Keep your Intellect a secret, as politicians know to do, since the People hate the Elite. Men are threatened by Intellect. Women are repulsed by Intellect. Why suffer their slings? Socrates did martyrdom better than you ever could.

Read books, but mine them not for building blocks to add to your abstract/abtruse schema. Read books to gain the insights the practical man already knows. By painful effort you will learn what should go without saying (so no one told you) - how to live.

If you simulate the practical man long enough, you will become him, but possibly, possibly, an improved model, since consciousness of your deficiencies, maybe, will allow you to transcend not just the sub-normality of Intellect, but the normality of Common Sense.

That's the messianic hope. But on the everyday level, be satisfied with occasionally feeling human.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Idealism Is For Suckers

I generally agree with the proposition that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. The alternatives, whether they feign to the left or to the right, all end the same way: in implosion, preceded by drab, soul-crushing bureaucratization. There are various forms of democracy, from the more authoritarian-statist to the more anarchic-libertarian, but a genuine degree of citizen control is necessary for a modern nation-state.

Premodern states are a different story. Premodern states are not nation-states; they are patchworks of tribes and sects who only look out for themselves. Democracy in a premodern state, outside of a homogenous city-state, simply means the exploitation of one tribe or sect by another. Thus news that Egypt's military has effectively usurped that country's so-called Arab Spring is a positive development for all but Sunni tribal loyalists and democracy fetishists.

The Egyptian election did not represent the will of the Egyptian people. It represented the will of the dominant sect of the Egyptian people (Sunni Muslims) to crush and marginalize the minority (secularists and Coptic Christians). In Syria, the Alawites in charge are behaving nastily, but they too would be crushed and marginalized by Sunni Muslims if a democracy were imposed. "Syrian" and "Egyptian" are weak national identities, unable to unite warring factions the way a strong identity like "American" can, which is why Americans misread tribal conflicts as civil wars. They think the world is America, despite also believing in American exceptionalism.

Given that we in the West have no dog in most world scraps, we should stay as uninvolved as possible. If involvement is necessary, we should support concrete allies over abstract principles. In the Middle East, involvement is necessary because of oil. Supporting the abstract principle of democracy means abandoning the potential concrete ally that is a pragmatic military government, in favour of a populist horde theologically/ideologically programmed to hate us. In this case, as in most, idealism is for suckers.

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Natural Order of Things

Today I walked behind a couple who could lead a heterosexual pride parade. The young man had broad shoulders, a thick neck, a lantern jaw, and was literally carrying a hardhat. The young woman had perky breasts, a thin waist, child-bearing hips, and an ass that jiggled sweet nothings in my ear. Of course my genes desired the woman, but my head acknowledged: this is how it's supposed to be. The uber-male gets the uber-female. They deserve each other. No matter how much we may wish our "inner beauty" caused arousal, or channel our resentment into deconstructing gender, the natural order of attraction prevails.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Breivik As Symptom

The BBC reports from the Anders Breivik trial:

The prosecution has really been pushing him hard to give details about the networks of militant nationalists he says he became part of - about his supposed contacts with Serb nationalists in Liberia, and with English nationalists in London.

They simply do not believe that he did form links with such people. They're trying to discover whether he's a fantasist.

From what I gather, the Knights Templar of which Breivik speaks do not exist. As a former World of Warcraft addict, the man is undoubtedly a fantasist with dreams of his own merry band of heroes. But fantasists may nonetheless affect reality (Herzl: If you will it, it is no dream). Just possibly, Breivik is not delusional, but is rather pretending the Knights Templar exist in order to encourage European dreamers to start real cells of a fantasy organization. If so, he is modelling himself on bin Laden and sees his group as a reverse latter-day al-Qaeda: less a cohesive unit than a brand for extremists to gather around. Theorist of violence René Girard would call this a mimetic rivalry.

Multicultural utopianism - the utopian dream being that an ethnic group will willingly submit to immigration policies that would make itself a minority in its homeland - seems to have plateaued in Europe. The Greek debacle proves the continuing relevance of cultural differences to political projects. Frugal Germans and lazy Greeks do not good bedfellows make. In France, ideas once considered far-right are now mainstream. All utopian projects founder against the shore of human nature, and human nature is fundamentally tribalist. Breivik is an unfortunate symptom of this common-sense reality that is nonetheless unspeakable (though often thought) in bastions of elite culture like the university campus. I just hope the new nationalists will seek better models than sociopathic WoW addicts.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Olivia Munn Is A Sexist

I read widely and weirdly. I write when what I read creates a juxtaposition worth commenting on. A painfully liberal blogger comments,
Sites like YouPorn have moved the mainstream of pornography to the extreme. The mainstream now would have been considered extremely hardcore 20 years ago. Go onto one of the main hub sites, and there are adverts on the homepage showing women being violently abused - choked, strangled, slapped, thrown across the room, forced to crawl on all floors. . . . Brazzers moved porn from the Hugh Hefner 'old duffer in a velvet jacket' model of pornography to a Porn 2.0 version made by younger IT nerds who knew what IT nerds wanted: more cartoon fake boobs, more hardcore sex, more older women with younger men fantasies, more 'reality porn' or 'Gonzo porn' where frat-boys 'pick up' women off the street, put them in van and screw them; and more violent and abusive sex. The flipside of the frat-boy solidarity ('hey, us guys are all 'brazzers', right? High five!') is a fear / hatred of women, a sense they must be made to kneel, suffer, submit.

The argument here is that IT nerds/fratboys/degenerate males are the ones who get off on seeing women "kneel, suffer, submit," and are immoral for that. What then of the submissive fantasies of sexpot Olivia Munn, as seen in recently hacked cellphone pix:

Would a liberal heap the same opprobrium on Munn as he does her IT nerd/fratboy/degenerate male dominator? Would he castigate her for objectifying herself? Or would he praise her for her liberated sexuality, while demanding dominant males repress theirs and thus, ironically, deprive her of what she desires: a dominant male? Or would he spontaneously combust?

Wet pussies and hard dicks defy PC ideology. They are racist, ageist, ableist, fattist and most of all, sexist. They just love to take on socially constructed gender roles, almost as if they were designed that way. Olivia Munn is sexist. Porn is sexist. Sex is sexist. We are all sexist. We have no choice in the matter. Evolution is a reactionary process. But we do have a choice of whether to be hypocrites about it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Songs For Solitary Men

Because I'm such a negligent poster, here's an anti-Valentine's gift for y'all: the HWO-curated collection Songs for Solitary Men. Maybe women can enjoy it too, I don't know.

1. Neil Diamond - Solitary Man - OBVIOUSLY
2. Quicksand - Dine Alone - self-indulgent but fun
3. Jerry Cantrell - Pig Charmer - awesome song about the late great Layne Staley
4. Ulrich Schnauss - On My Own - electronica to break things up a bit
5. Therapy - Isolation - Joy Division but louder
6. Leon Russell - Stranger in a Strange Land - some of that old time rock n roll
7. Beck - Go It Alone - he writes a catchy tune
8. Jah Wabble - Everyman is an Island - trippy and true
9. Days of the New - Solitude - I found this on Soulseek looking up songs called isolation - also how I found a song about Mengistu (I was wondering if any reggae dudes had followed further on with Ethiopian history)
10. New Order - Leave Me Alone - nice sentiment
11. The Kinks - I am Not Like Everybody Else - my anthem
12. Groundhogs - Eccentric Man - my other anthem
13. Pearl Jam - Like a Stone (Live) - this is my favourite recent hit, a different version for the hell of it
14. Illinois - Alone Again - I have a soft spot for some fey indie, being white
15. Cursive - The Recluse - everything else by this band is terrible, but this song captures the feeling of why I no longer seek one-night stands
16. Nine Inch Nails - Only (Stress Mix) - Trent is the master of solipsism, from one solipsist to another
17. Martin L. Gore - Motherless Child - a traditional blues number done by that guy from Depeche Mode about feeling like a motherless child
18. Johnny Cash - Solitary Man - reprise


The Beauty Of Self-Terrorizing Terrorists

Terrorists who succeed only in blowing themselves up make me really, really happy. They inspire in me faith in providence, karma or whatever euphemism you want to use for an Order to Things. Since the days of Job, man has asked, why do bad things happen to good people? No adequate answer has yet been found. But when bad things happen to bad people, we instinctively know the answer: because they're bad. Wrap it up in whatever philosophy or theology you want, but it feels good when the universe works the way it's supposed to work. BBC News sums up the day's events:
Police told the BBC the first explosion happened around 14:20 (07:20 GMT) at a house in the Ekamai area in central Bangkok, which the three Iranians were believed to have rented for a month. Two men managed to escape the explosion that severely damaged the house, according to police, but a third man who suffered minor injuries tried to hail a taxi. When the taxi refused to stop for him, he threw at least one bomb at it. There was a third explosion when the same man then attempted to throw another bomb at police, but missed. The man lost his legs when the device blew up.

Rarely do I say this, but Inshallah, God is Great!